Grain Seed Mixer For Sale,best Seed Blender For Nuts/seeds

The vertical farm grain seed mixer machine is used to coat film for grain seed,peanut seed,cotton seed,wheat seed,flower seed, field seeds,vegetables seed,and other granular coating process to improve seed quality,easy to precision seeding, saving seeds, seed for disease prevention, anti-pest and to improve the appearance of the seed had a significant effect.the best blender for nuts and seeds is usually used to mix the crop seed with fungicide,pesticides,micro nutrient fertilizer,plant growth regulator,stain or filling agent tan seed materials,

The top quality coating seed machine is one kind of farm machinery, the vertical grain seed mixer machine is usually used to mix the crop seed with fungicide,pesticides,micro nutrient fertilizer,plant growth  regulator,stain or filling agent tan seed materials.Wrapped in seed outside,in order to achieve the seeds into
spherical orbasickeep original shape, improve the resistance, disease resistance,speeds up the germination, promote into seedlings,

increase production,improve quality of a seed technology. Indicated that can rapidly solidified film, and is not easy to fall off.

Grain Seed Blender
Grain Seed Blender

The seed blender machine is made of normal steel or stainless steel. It is suitable for a wide range of applications such as grain, animal feed, dry powder and seeds. Grain seed mixer machine capacity can be customized according to customer can choice vertical type or horizontal type.The power of seed mixer machine can be electric motor,petrol engine,diesel engine etc.

Seed Coating Machine
Seed Dress Machine

Features of farm grain seed mixer

1. the farm grain seed mixer for sale is mainly made of stainless steel, corrosion resistance.

2. Seed dressing applied latest technology institutions.

3. The use of longer mixing drum seed dressing on the seed surface without injury,fast film

4. Seed mixing drum is no residue, easy cleaning machine.Corn Seed

Specification of farm grain seed mixer

Power (kw)1.52.23



Coating Rate97%97%97%
Broken Rate≤ 0.1%≤ 0.1%≤ 0.1%

Overall Demission



Overall Weight



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