Chaff Cutter grinder Machine Combined Hammer Mill Grinder

Agricultural chaff cutter and hammer mill is used for cutting straw/ silage and grain grinding,which is a mechanical device for cutting green or dry corn straw,cotton straw, soybean stalk,grass and hay etc into small pieces before being mixed together with other forage and fed to animals. chaff cutter and grinder machine help for the animal’s digestion and prevents animals from rejecting any part of their food.

Chaff Cutter Hammer Mill
Grain Grinder Grass Chopper

Application of chaff cutter hammer mill

This chaff cutter hammer mill combined with two functions.chaff cutter can be apply to cut all kinds of wet and dry crops, corn stalk ,rice straw, wheat straw ,bean stalk, green grasses ,sorghum stalk etc ,with big capacity. chaff cutter grinder machine can be used for corn,wheat,maize grinding etc.,diesel chaff cutter grinder machine is suitable agricultural equipment for cattle,farm,farmer which is feeding cow, horse, sheep, deer, rabit etc.

Chaff Cutter Grinder Machine
Chaff Cutter And Grinder Price

Advantage of chaff cutter grinder machine

1.The grasses-cut length can be adjusted,the length is 9 mm,12mm,18 mm,30 mm

2.The chaff cutter hammer mill machine can be drived by electric motor,diesel engine and gas engine. We can macthed power and wheel according clients’ demand ,or you can buy motor or engine in your domestic market we can prepare motor or engine frame base for you.

3.High capacity of feeding port,long range of chaff discharging,high capacity of corn silage making.chaff cutter grinder mill is small size,compact steel structure, light weight stable running.

4.The blade of the chaff cutter grinder mill is made of high quality steel, which is refined by special process and is super wear-resisting.High strength bolts are used for safety and reliability.

5.The diesel chaff cutter hammer mill machine shell is welded with thick steel plate continuously, and the whole mold is formed, beautiful and generous, and durable.

6.the chaff cutter grinder machine has steel frame structure, small volume, light weight, convenient to move.Safe and reliable with design of safty device, putting an end to chew knife accident.

7.the chaff cutter and grinder machine has low price for sale but best quality and reliable after sale service factory .

Technical parameters of chaff cutter grinder machine




Chopping capacity


Dry grass 500~600

Wet grass 800~1000

Dry grass 1000~1200

Wet grass 1500~2000

Grinding capacity
















video of chaff cutter grinder machine

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