List Of farm Machinery Equipment

Harvester Machine

rice harvester machine

Rice harvester machine is a kind of hand-held harvester machine and self-propelled rice harvesting machine. This type of rice harvester has a flexible slewing, cutting platform using shaft drive system, more safety, good performance and low failure rate. This type of wheat harvester machine can harvest rice, corn and wheat. With the addition of an …

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Diesel Engine Water Pump

Diesel Powered Water Pump

victor diesel engine water pump is widely used in various countries, with 2″,3″,4″ inlet and outlet diameter, it’s suitable for agricultural irrigation, landscaping, large-area irrigation, flood prevention, drainage, and emergency rescue etc. The whole diesel engine water pump is made of 3 parts ,pump head ,driven power ,frame.Pump head is a self-priming centrifugal pump.VICTOR brand …

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Hay Baler Machine

Hand operated hay baler machine

This hand operate hay baler machine can bale materials on such as hay, straw or leafs plastic, paper, cardboard, farm-waste, etc,which has many advantages as these bales are typically used to store excess materials or feed animals. straw is a by product of cereal plants bales made of straw are used as a construction material. …

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Cassva chipper machine

Petrol cassava chipper machine is mainly used to cut the fresh cassava roots,lotus root, sweet potato, cassava, carrot,banana,plantain, lemon and other fresh root system raw materials into chips.The thickness of chips can be adjustable 3~15mm. This slicing machine is adopting rotary cutter head which has features of good quality cutting section, even thickness and size …

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hand push paddy weeder machine

In paddy rice growing ,weed control is the important step to prevent losses in yield and production costs, and to preserve good grain quality. Direct control of weeds can be done through manual weeding by hand, and mechanical weeding using implements such as hand push weeder and inter row cultivation weeders. This hand push paddy weeder …

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Grain Collecting Machine

Paddy rice collection machine

Self-propelled paddy rice collection machine is mainly used for collecting cereal crops after drying under sunshine,it can collect and bagging grain automatically, paddy rice collecting machine can collect paddy rice, corn, wheat , sorghum, millet, grain, sesame , rape seed etc, This grain collection machine is our patent product, it’s consist of power system, main …

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Coffee Pulper Machine

Coffee pulper machine

coffee pulper machine used for peeling coffee bean,which is suitable for cleaning and peeling the skin of coffee beans, cocoa beans, cherry and other materials.the manual coffee beans peeling machine can process 50~100kgs/h.if you need large capacity ,we have electric or petrol drive coffee peeling machine which the largest capacity can get 4000kgs/h . Advantge of cuffee pulper …

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Fresh cassava milling machine

Cassava is an important source of edible amylum which is mainly distributed in Africa.The cassava milling machine use high speed to crush the materials to be paste.Besides, the cassava can be engaged in producing various products of cassava paste,cassava flour,cassava starch, cassava juice, cassava chips through cassava milling machine. The yucca grater machine has features of …

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Rice Sorter Machine

Rice sorter machine

VTXM series color sorter machine choose a large number of world-class enterprises produced pixel linear array CCD light, electrical parts.Color sorting machine also equipped with a long life, good consistency of high-speed solenoid valve,stable and reliable work. rice sorting machine has high accuracy of the product color selection, especially for the rice which has small …

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Almond Cracker

Almond cracker machine

This almond cracker machine is mainly used to strip hard shells of different nut in various specification, such as almond, walnut, hazelnut, badam, pipe nut,apricot etc.The almond sheller machine is consist of feed hopper,  stripe roller,  shed bar,  fan,  gravity separator, electric motor, frame and so on.  hazelnut breaker can break different size of shell by …

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Sisal Fiber Extractor Machine

sisal fiber extractor machine

Sisal fiber extractor machine is used to peel the kinds of fiber from sisal,ramie, jute, kenaf,hemp,banana stem,pineapple leaf etc.This sisal extractor machine can ensure safety production,clean flax breaking and not break flax fiber.Jute extractor machine works well with high capacity, overcome traditional manual work. saving labour and time,low cost but produce high-quality fiber.It’s the preferred …

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Grain Sieving Machine

grain cleaner machine

vibrating type grain cleaner machine can screen wheat seed,soybean,corn,peanut,sorghum, the grain screening machine is used to remove heavy foreign impurity like stone, metallic and glass pieces etc. from wheat, paddy, corn, sesame etc , according to material weight difference. this grain cleaner machine adopt vibration electric engineering as vibration source, having the characteristics that vibration …

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