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animal feed pellet machine is a kind of pelletizing mill which is specially manufactured for making animal feed pellets for cattle, ducks, chickens and other kind of poultry. This feed pellet machinery is manufactured based on ring die structure design. If you want to make medium to large scale fodder pellets, ring die feed pellet mill is an ideal choice.

Animal feed pellet mill is widely used by people who breed chicken, rabbit, cow, sheep, cattle, pig, and so on. The reason why they make feed pellets is that pellets are a balanced combination of different kinds of nutrition for the better growth of livestock, poultry and other animals.

Raw materials for animal feed pellet mill:

The raw materials for this animal feed pellet mill can be corn/maize, alfalfa, wheat bran, grass, rice, beans, oil cake, etc. Usually, large size raw materials should be pulverized by hammer mill. Protein or other nutrients can also be added to the raw powder.

Livestock Feed Pellet Machine

Animal Feed Pellet Mill Application

* animal feed pellet mill is suitable for processing various kinds of solid grain  into small feed pellets for animals like cattle, cow, chicken, rabbit, pig, etc.
* this animal feed pellet machine is suitable for making bedding pellets for animal stalls from cardboard.
* Also suitable for processing biomass material and many other agro wastes into wood pellets for green fuel.

Animal Feed Pellet Mill

Aniaml Feed Pellet Mill Features

  • It has a low production cost: The animal feed pellet mill machine does not require too many people to operate. In fact, the animal feed pellet machine requires just one or two people to operate it. This greatly cuts the cost of labor that largely affects the production cost. Low production cost leads to increase in the profit margin.
  • Reduced installation cost: The animal feed pellet mill machine is simple and small hence it is easier to purchase and install it. You only need a few minutes to assemble the different parts. This reduces the amount of cash required to call a qualified personnel to assemble it. You only need one qualified personnel and another to help him.
  • It’s a low investment machine: Due to its small size, the animal feed pellet mill machine requires a small area. This reduces the cost of hiring a big area of installing it and also the time required to install it.
  • Has a wide application: The animal feed pellet mill machine is capable of producing different sizes of pellets for different poultry and livestock animals. This means you can feed all your animals using one machine at the same time. It has made it easier for the farmers to rear different types of animals in their farms.
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Technical Parameter of Small Pellet Mills

ModelPower(kw)Capacity(kg/h)Speed(r/min)Out Dimension (mm)Weight(kg)

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