counterflow pellet cooler,feed pellet cooling machine for hot pellets

As we all know, the final pellets produced by flat die pellet mill are soft and moist in high temperature, so they can not be transported and stored immediately and require to be cooled first. Therefore the pellets need to be cooled to remove moisture and heat generated in the conditioning and pelleting

Pellet Cooling Machine

feed pellet cooler machine is widely used to match with the pelletizing process of feed pellet plant, which aiming at further ripening of the materials and improve the feed pellets quality and water-resistance. With the characteristics of high automation degree and advanced technology, the counterflow pellet cooler machine is ideal equipment for industrial production of special aquatic feed and high grade feeding for domestic animals.

The pellet cooling machine has 2 functions:cool down the pellet temperature and reduce the pellet moisture.The pellet coming out from pellet machine is at temperature 70℃~90℃,and through the pellet cooler machine,the temperature will be less than 3℃~5℃ above room temperature.Besides,the feed pellet cooler machine make pellet moisture less than 12.5%, which is good for the pellet storage and shipment.

Pellet Cooler Machine
Pellet Cooling System

Characteristics of Counterflow Feed Pellet Cooler

1.The pellet cooler takes advantage of counter current cooling principle to cool the pellet material with high temperature high humidity. It can avoid the shock cooling phenomenon when the cold air contacts with the hot material, thus can prevent the pellet appearance generating crazings.

2.Cooling tank adopts octagon design, which can ensure the cooling has no dead angles.

3.Adopt air-closed material feeder, large inlet air area, outstanding cooling effect.

4.The material discharging device adopts slide valve reciprocating type, stable and reliable running, little residual.

5.The cooled feed pellets temperature won’t be higher than ambient temperature + 3~5℃, also suitable for cooling particle material.

6.High cooling speed and favorable cooling effect. The counterflow pellets cooler can cool more pellets while maintaining optimum pellet quality.

7.Lower power consumption, easy operation and cleaning, high production efficiency.

Feed Pellet Cooling Equipment
Pellet Cooler System

What Should be Noticed in the Cooling Process? 

1. Cooling can directly affect the quality of final feed pellets, so it should be a gradual process. If the pellets are cooled quickly, cracks in the outer layers are formed, which in turn can lead to higher abrasion. Moreover, with short cooling period, the inner part of pellets is still warm and pellets are still moist and sticky. And cooling very slowly will make pellets become too dry, which also results in cracks.
2. It should be noticed that small pellets emit heat and moisture more quickly than large pellets. Even distribution of pellets in the cooler also enhances the cooling process.
3. Generally speaking, air speed in counter flow cooler should stay between 0.8 and 1.5 m/s

Feed Pellet Cooler System

Countercurrent Pellet Cooler Machine Technical Parameters

Cooling Volume1.5 m32.5 m34 m36 m38 m3
Productivity3 t/h5 t/h10 t/h15 t/h20 t/h
Applicable Power0.75 Kw1.1 Kw1.5 Kw1.5 Kw1.5 Kw
Airlock Power0.37 Kw0.55 Kw0.55 Kw0.55 Kw0.55 Kw

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