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ribbon feed blender machine is an efficient and versatile blender machine for mixing of dry granules & powders homogeneously. One of the main application of ribbon blender machine is mixing grain powder with other nutritions in the feed pellet plant. During the blending process, you can add other liquids to the grain powder, making the feed pellets more nutritional.

The feed ribbon blender machine is well suited for preprocessing of feed mixture for making aquaculture, poultry and fish feed pellets . The ribbon mixer can also be used for mixing chemical products, compound fertilizer, additive, health care products, etc.The material of the ribbon horizontal feed blender machine can be stainless steel or carbon steel . This feed blending machine consists of a container, helix blades and transmission parts.

The helix blades are in two tiers. The outer helix will move the material from its two sides to the central part, while the inner helix will transfer the material to the two sides,performing convection mixing. when we use many kinds of materials to make feed pellets by a flat die pellet mill, we have to use feed blender machine to blend materials.

Feed Blending Machine

Feed blender machine features

1. Used for mixing various grain powder to make nutritional feed pellets, especially for fish, shrimp and other aquatic feed pellets.

2. This feed ribbon mixer is featured with high efficiency, reliable operation and small land occupancy, good choice for feed pellet plant with small workshop.

3. The optimized double-direction rotating wheels make a fully homogeneous mixing effect, CV≤7%.

4. Short mixing time for every batch of materials. 3-6 minutes for 500-4000kg feed powder.

5. The design of big open door ensures quick discharging and little material residue. Can be equipped with several spray nozzle for liquid adding.

6. Smooth transmission and low wear. Three materials for your choice: stainless steel, carbon steel and composite material.

7. The mixing effect is not influenced by powder fitness and density. The ribbon mixer is also suitable for viscous materials.

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Why Choose Ribbon Feed Blender Machine In Feed Pellet Plants

1. Ribbon feed blender machine has outstanding mixing effects for powder & liquid, granule products and fibers, especially for mixing grain powder.
2. This feed blending machine will not produce over-heating and pressure-fed results when processing allergic material. The nutrition of grain powder will not be damaged during mixing.
3. As for materials with different proportion and granule size, this feed mixing machine will not lead laying results which totally meet the requirement of feed material mixing of different raw materials.

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4. You can add liquid conveniently while mixing.
5. Convective circulation ensures an efficient and homogeneous mixing effect.
6. The five aspects mentioned above totally confirm to the feed pellets material mixing standards. So Amisy ribbon blender is indispensable feed mixing machine for feed pellets production, especially for fish, shrimp and other aquatic feed pellets.

Feed Blending Machine For Sale

Specification of ribbon feed blender machine


Power (kw)Capacity (kg/h) Size(mm)


























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