Floating fish feed pellet machine price diesel engine tilapia feed machine

Fish food is always rich in crude protein, but the crude protein in fish food is difficult for fish to digest. In order to avoid dissociation of feed ingredients during mixing, people use floating fish feed pellet mill to make fish feed pellets, which can increase the pasteability and digestibility of the feed and make it easier for fish to get completely mixed nutrition from fish feed.

Fish feed pelleting refers to the process of compressing, extrduing and molding feed ingredients into the different shape of pellets under the action of the heat, moisture and pressure.Puffed feed produced by floating fish feed pellet machine have become the mainstream feed for most fish because of its abundant nutrition,high digestibility and long floating time,easy to transfer and store .

High Quality Fish Feed Pellet

Floating fish feed pellet machine is widely used for producing high-grade aquatic feed pellets for many kinds of aqua animals like fish, catfish, tilapia,shrimps, crab and etc,it also can be used for cat, dog and bird etc. The raw materials can be wheat, corn ,rice,soybean cake ,bone meal ,fish meal ,fish oil and etc., The puffing pellets can float on the water surface without dissolution for over 20 hours. This fish feed pellet machine is perfect for the production of pellets from grains, protein and molasses for commercial purposes. Produced fish feed pellet with fine textures, have a unique taste,are nutrient-rich ,with different size and shape.

Fish Feed Pellet Machine Price

Diesel engine fish feed pellet machine is driven by diesel engine and operates on this basis.It solves the problem that the electricity is inconvenient, where the three-phase power is not used, but the cutting power still need electric drive.The structure design of this machine is scientific and reasonable, with small floor area and high output,low working noise, and low energy consumption. The extruding rate of the pellet is high and the surface is bright and clean, which is good for storage and transportation. This equipment is easy operation and maintenance .The mold size can be 0.9-15mm, which can produce high quality feed pellet ,which is smooth, uniform and glossy.

Fish Feed Pellet Machine
Flaoting Fish Feed Pellet Machine

Features of fish feed pellet machine

1.There are many different size of mode you can choose in according to the size of the pellet that you.the pellet size can be 0.9~15mm.Small size fish feed pellet can accelerate digest and absorption, the fineness of pulverization of aquatic feed should be smaller than poultry feed.

2.Produced pellet feed with compact structure,higher cohesiveness and water resistance. Extruded pellet can float on the water more than 20 hours.

3.Simple structure, widely used, small flooring space.The user can use dry powder materials to make fish feed pellets without adding extra water into the floating fish feed pellet machine. The dry pellet feed is convenient to store.

4.This fish feed pellet machine also applies to make pellet feed for dog ,cat,pet ,bird and etc.It can produce the higher-protein animal feed, and easy to digest. High temperature and high pressure can kill the salmonellosis and bacterial infections.

Working Principle of tilapia feed machine

The user feed the raw materials into feed hopper,feed shaft will feed materials to extruding parts.Under the action of the frictional force of the extruding screw, The high temperature between the screw and heating plate to ripens the starch of the materials, and the protein becomes congealed. Then the fish feed is extruded from the holes of the mold. Fish feed pellets are conveyed out of the fish feed pellet machine. The user can adjust the angle of cutting knife to change the length of feed pellet.


Technical Parameters of tilapia feed machine





Main Power



Feeding Power



Cutting Power



Screw Diameter



30-5040.40.4Dia 40



Dia 50


Dia 60



Dia 70



Dia 80



Dia 90





Dia 120





Dia 133





Dia 155





Dia 195

Working video of floating fish feed pellet machine

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