chain mill crusher machine crushing compound fertilizer

chain mill crusher machine introduction

The chain mill crusher machine is mainly used to crush various materials into small particles. The chain mill crusher machine can be used for block crushing in compound fertilizer production and crushing of return material in chemical fertilizer production. The grinding media can be fertilizer, concrete, coal, rock, etc. Our chain mill crusher machine is designed for the production of bio-organic fertilizers. It can be used alone or in combination with other fertilizer equipment. If you want to crush organic material, we recommend using half-moisture crusher machine

It is also an impact crusher with single rotor, the end of the rotor with steel-made link chain and the other end fitted with wear-resisting chain header crush the impact of the pad via a high speed rotating chains. The fertilizer machine uses hard alloy chain plate of synchronous speed with the high-intensity and wear-resistance in the process of crushing and has rational design, which makes materials uniformly broken, uneasy to stick wall,easy to clean.

Chain Crusher Machine For Sale

In order to prevent material jamming and steel plate friction, we have set up lining rubber plates in the machine body and quick-open access doors on both sides of the machine. Vertical chain mill crusher is suitable for bio-organic and compound fertilizer production line. The chain mill crusher can crush large pieces of material into small particles. But its most common use is to crush unqualified fertilizer after screening, so in fertilizer production line, this fertilizer crusher is always placed behind the rotary drum sifter.

In addition to fertilizer plant, this chain mill crusher machine can also be used in chemical, building materials, mining and other industries. The chain mill crusher machine has reasonable design of feed opening and discharge opening to ensure that the materials are fully and evenly crushed. The high strength wear-resistant alloy chain plate is adopted to prevent the material from sticking. The vertical crusher can be used alone or in combination with other fertilizer equipment, such as 30,000 tons/year rotary drum pelletizer production line.

Features of chain mill crusher machine

1.This is one of vertical chain mill crusher machine for middle size.
2.It can smash many materials, which have 6% moisture and high hardness.
3.It has easy structure with rational inlet and outlet design, little yard, easy maintenance.
4.It has a good crushing effect, which can crush materials uniformly, smooth operation.
5.the chain mill crusher machine is not easy to stick wall and easy to clean.
6.It has the sturdy and durable crust made of steel. The internal links and discharged finished products can be freely adjusted.

Working Process of Chain Fertilizer Crusher

This fertilizer crusher machine has only one rotor, which is connected to one end of a steel chain. The other end of the chain crusher machine is equipped with a wear-resistant chain head. When the rotor is rotating at high speed, the chain is stretched around in a flapping pattern under the action of centrifugal force. The material enters the chain crusher machine and is crushed by the constant impact of the chain and the mutual impact of the material.

specifications of chain mill crusher machine

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Size after 
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