rotary drum fertilizer coater machine for coating fertilizer

The rotary drum coating machine adopts special liquid coating material or solid powder material coating process, which can form a protective film layer around the compound and organic fertilizer particles to prevent caking, thus improving the surface brightness of the particles. If some trace elements are added, the fertilizer efficiency can be improved. The internal structure of rotary drum coater machine is specially designed according to the process requirements, which is a kind of high-efficiency special machinery for fertilizer equipment.

Our rotary drum fertilizer coater machine consists of main frame and belt conveyor, our spin coating machine can be coated with a protective layer to prevent caking of compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer by using powder coating technology or liquid coating technology. Its internal finish is made of polypropylene lining or acid- and alkali-resistant stainless steel plates to protect the fertilizer coater machine from corrosion. It can evenly coat the surface of fertilizer granules to prevent caking and moisture.

Rotary Coating Machine

Functions of Fertilizer Coater Machine

☆ Control dust emission
☆ Minimize caking (bag set, pile set)rotary drum fertilizer coating machine
☆ Enhance flow ability
☆ Minimize moisture pickup
☆ To stabilize the surface of the fertilizer granule
☆ Improve compatibility in end uses
☆ To enhance appearance
☆ Modify nutrient release characteristics

Rotary Drum Coater Machine

stucture of fertilizer coater machine

The rotary drum fertilizer coater machine can be divided into four parts:

1. Stand part: The whole body of the rotary drum fertilizer coater machine rotating part is supported by the stand, which is under large force. Therefore, the wheel bracket of the machine is welded with medium carbon steel plate and channel steel, and it is achieved through strict quality control and special technical requirements.

2. Transmission part: The transmission part of the whole particle is especially important, and the whole body works thus. The transmission frame is welded with high quality channel steel, which has passed the strict quality requirements.

3. Big gear ring: fixed on the body, and drive the pinion teeth, drive the body work, the use of high-tech wear-resistant materials, so that the machine life longer.

4. Roll band: Fixed on both sides of the body to support the whole body.

Fertilizer Coating Machine For Sale

specification of fertilizer coater machine

Specification (mm)BarrelProduction capacityPower
Inner diameterLengthInclinationRotation  
Bm1600×60001600(mm)6000(mm)3(°) 15(t/h)11(kw)
Bm1800×80001800(mm)8000(mm)3(°) 30(t/h)15(kw)

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