rotary drum screener machine for screening fertilizer

Rotary drum screener machine is commonly used in fertilizer production line, which is mainly to separate the products, but also to achieve into grade, finished product uniform classification. Modular screen, easy to maintain and replace, simple structure, convenient operation and smooth operation.

Application of rotary drum screener machine

Rotary drum screener machine can be used in building materials, sand and gravel, chemical products, compound and organic fertilizer production plants, grain, granules, etc. According to the size of the particles, the rotary screen can be divided into three stages: fine particles , finished materials and sub-block materials.

Rotary drum screener machine is a common machine used in fertilizer machinery to separate the finished granules from the returned material. Rotary sieve can also sieve sand. It adopts combined screen, which is easy to maintain and replace. The sand sifter has simple structure, small size and easy operation. The screen of this trommel screen is made of high magnesium steel, and the screen body can also do anti-corrosion treatment.

Rotary Screening Machine

Features of  Rotary Sieving Machine

1. The sieving machine has high screening efficiency. Because it is equipped with clear plate sieve, in the screening process, no matter how sticky, wet or miscellaneous the material is, it will not block the screen, which improves the efficiency of the screening equipment.

2. The rotary drum screener machine is equipped with a dust cover outside the sieve body, which is conducive to eliminating dust, improving the working environment and reducing the noise of the equipment.

3. the screen is made of a number of round flat steel stitching, the cross-sectional area is much larger than the cross-sectional area of other separation equipment screen, which helps to improve the service life.

4. The rotary drum screener machine adopts shaft pin type coupling to transfer the follower between the reducer and the working parts of the main machine, which is convenient for assembly and maintenance.

Rotary Drum Screen Machine

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