Cassava milling machine,yucca grater machine for fresh cassava grinding

Cassava is an important source of edible amylum which is mainly distributed in Africa.The cassava milling machine use high speed to crush the materials to be paste.Besides, the cassava can be engaged in producing various products of cassava paste,cassava flour,cassava starch, cassava juice, cassava chips through cassava milling machine. The yucca grater machine has features of low energy consumption,high capacity,fine particles,easy installation and maintenance.

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Application of cassava milling machine

The cassava milling machine mainly used for crushing of cassava,potato, sweet potato,yucca. After milling by the yucca grater machine ,the cassava paste can be made to varity food ,such as fufu,garri etc.Different with the traditional hammer type cassava milling machine,this kind of yucca grater machine can get a more fine crushing effect and smooth cassava make better fufu and’s an useful cassava miling machine in Nigeria,Togo,Benin,Niger,Burundi,Malawi etc.

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Advantage of yucca grater machine

1.Yacca grater machine with compact structure, can prevent foreign matters from coming into the bearings to ensure long service life and better performance.

2.High rotation speed and more fine crushing effect, cassava miling machine also suitable for potato, sweet potato ,lotus crushing .

3.Resonable design which makes this cassava milling machine no leakage, less residue, leakage slurry phenomenon.

4.The customer can choice electric motor,diesel engine ,petrol engine to drive the yuacca grater machine.

Cassava milling machine for saleCassava milling machine

Technical parameters of cassava milling machine













Overall Weight




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