grain mill machine milling corn maize flour for sale in Africa market

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Grain mill machine can mill different kinds of raw materials, such as corn, wheat, soybeans, sorghum,cassava, straw, vines, dry potato, leaf hulls food. Apart from the above mentioned application, maize flour milling machine also be used for the rapid beating of paper pulp, reduction of Chinese medicinal herbs and wet grinding watery foodstuffs such as fresh fruit, sweet potato, wet soybean.This corn milling machine has been exported to Kenya,Togo,Angola,Tanzania,Sudan,Negeria etc.Especially diesel drive grain mill machine is useful for Africa users which can be used in electricity shortage area.

grain mill machinepetrol grain mill machine

Work Principle of grain mill machine

Grain mill machine is mainly consit of feed hopper,milling body, drive motor, frame etc.The body and rotor assembly together form the crushing chamber, rotor assembly roomis the main working parts, materials of shattered in the crushing chamber complete.When the material entered into the crushing chamber, by the round and flat part of the tooth gear fault strike and knead into effect, broken materials into a fine powder quickly and plasma shape, then air flow in the centrifugal force function, grinded materials through the sieve get into discharge hole discharge of corn milling machine.

grain mill machine for Africa

Advantage of maize milling machine

1.Multi functional grain mill machine for sale,it can be used for corn,wheat, millet, beans and other grians milling,also can be used for spices .

2.Corn milling machine with simple structure in linear type ,easy in installation and maintation.

3.Lower energy consumption and high efficiency maize flour milling machine,Designed to provide top safety and sanitation. Flexible adjustment, easy installment and operation.

4.Multiple power options,corn millming machine can be drive by diesel engine,petrol,electric motro.the frame of machine can be made according to the power condition.

5.The fineness of final products depends on the size of the screen mesh.the screen mesh can be made according to customer’s needs.

grain mill machine for salegrain grinder machine factory

Technical Parameters of corn flour milling machine











Screen size




Machine size








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