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  • hand crank corn sheller is a small kind of sheller machine for threshing maize powered by hand,which features on simple structure,high rate of threshing,and easy of use and maintain-ance.the hand operated corn sheller is reliable and safe.Because it is not control by the power,so it is more convenient in using.the hand powered corn sheller is much suitable for the needs of small farm s corn thresher.no need of power like diesel or electricity.This quality hand crank corn sheller rapidly removes every kernel of grain from whole corn ears! The hand crank turns very easily and the production rate is ten to fifteen bushels of shelled corn per hour (about 10 seconds per corn ear.) Works on all sizes and shapes of ears, with spring tensioner for smooth, consistent feeding.
Hand Corn Sheller For Africa
Manual Maize Sheller

Features of hand crank corn sheller

1.Productivity is 300~400 kg/h,threshing rate more than 98% 2.Please check the secure and flexibility of fasteners .In order to improve the threshing rate ,please adjust the the spring and press the screw to the suit degree,not too loose ,neither too tight) 3.Place the hand crank corn sheller machine well and prevent it from moving.the hand operated corn sheller is better to thresh the dry corn.When thresh,hold the Cranking Bar with your left hand,put the corn head into the machines mouth , press it lightly ,then shake your left hand with force,the corn would be threshed cl-manual corn thresher.

Hand Operated Maize Sheller In Kenya
Manual Maize Sheller In Nigeria

Parameters of hand crank corn sheller







Threshing rate




Breakage rate




Total weight




Overall Dimension







Man Power Corn Sheller

Working video of manual corn sheller

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