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In paddy rice growing ,weed control is the important step to prevent losses in yield and production costs, and to preserve good grain quality. Direct control of weeds can be done through manual weeding by hand, and mechanical weeding using implements such as hand push weeder and inter row cultivation weeders.

This hand push paddy weeder is suitable for field weeding of rice.Instead of the use of herbicide, it can reduce the pollution to the environment and avoid soil compaction. manual operated weeding machine is a machine for planting organic rice,it is small in size, light in weight, easy for move ,which is economical and practical for farming.

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Features of hand push paddy weeder

1.This manual weeder machine can apply to weed in rice paddy field.

2.High efficiency weeding, suitable for plains, hills, terraces, triangle and other small plots mud fields.

3.The manual weeder machine in small size and lightweight,easy to operate and maintain,It is easy to move and economical and practical.

4.The weeding blade is deep and shallow, the angle is adjustable, the is reasonable, and the maximum limit is in line with manpower use.

5.The machine can make row weeding and not plough the fields.more labour saving than the traditional weeding, push to walk not waist pain.Although the manual weeding machine is simple, it contains many techniques.

6.It has been a necessary tools for rice planting.

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Technical Parameters manual operated weeding machine

Working width15cm
Working depth12~20cm
Handle width45cm
Machine size1.87*0.45*1.1m
Machine weight6kgs

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