One Row Hand Seeder,Small Manual Hand Corn Planter

this small manual corn planter belongs to one row sowing,operated by hand,which is very suitable for private small farm land,the one row hand seeder machine can plant corn,soybean,peanut,just only need to change the sowing device to achieve multifunctional manual hand corn the same time of seeding crops,the machine can also fertilizing for the soil.this kind of small hand seeder can row single seed prcision seeding,which saves a great labor,it has five classes speed that can adjust the spacing between the seeds.another small corn seed planter is self-walking type seeder machine.

Hand Push Planter Machine

Features of manual hand corn planter has small size and very light weight,very suitable for one person operation and small farm land.

2.the small hand seeder can sow corn seed,soybean seed,peanut seed, sorghum,same time of fertilizing.

3.the small corn planter adopting double shafts to increase the use life time and sowing shaft will not be easy wearing.

Manual Maize Planter
Manual Planter Factory

Data of small hand seeder



Matched  power

Man power


13 kg

Machine size

900*180*850 mm

Available rows

1 row

Row spacing

100-300 mm

Working depth

50-150 mm

Volume of fertilizer tank

0.02*1 L

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