Corn Peeler Thresher Machine,Combined Corn Sheller Thresher

corn thresher machine and peeler machine  has combined multifunction, at the same the corn peeler thresher machine can peel the skin and thresh the kernels from the corn cob,but will not damage the kernels because rubber hammer roller is adopted to thresh ,also we have left-right combination and up-down combination type corn peeler machine.

Petrol Corn Sheller Machine

this kind of maize peeler and thresher is newly developed in 2013,which is sold hot.This corn sheller thresher machine is characterized by the easy operation, labor-saving, high yield as well as reliable quality. this kind of corn peeler thresher machine has high production capacity with low energy consumption.the corn sheller and thresher machine is the mode of combination one type to peel skin clear and save labors.threshing parts adopt hammer rollers which has fast speed and low breaking rate.,if you dont want such a combination type machine we also have separated corn threshing machine and corn peeling machine for your choice.

    Petrol engine corn peeler sheller machine               Diesel engine corn peeler thresher machine

Petrol Maize Sheller MachineCorn Maize Thresher Machine

Features of corn peeling and threshing machine

1.the corn peeler thresher machine combines threshing and peeling,first peeling the skin,then threshing the kernels.

2.peeling and threshing both will not break the corn kernels.

3.because of small motor,the corn sheller thresher machine save energy and farmers labor greatly does not need to change motors,can be driven by electric or diesel engine motor,gasoline engine.

5.the corn peeling machine has easy operation,easy movable,and small size.

 Power Of Corn Peeler Thresher Machine

we also can add large wheels and handle with corn peeler thresher machine according customer’s needs.

Corn Peeler Thresher Machine

Data of corn peeler thresher machine









Power type

Electric motor / petrol / diesel







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