how to operate paddy huller machine and what we need to pay attention

rice milling machine performance matters a lot to the whole rice processing process. Now, let’s mainly talk about rice milling machine importance.

Rice milling machine can remove the rice bran and is the basic section in rice milling. Rice embryo and rice endosperm is enfolded by the germ layer. And after milling, it can help the separation between rice embryo and endosperm so as to improve rice milling degermination efficiency. If we remove the rice bran, we can make rice milling plant produce rice grits without bran, which has better taste. Besides, rice milling plant quality is improved.

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then how to operate paddy huller machine and what we need to pay attention?

1. Before use paddy huller, should first check the fastener is tightened, the rotating part is flexible, each bearing any grease, husking unit are placed on smooth ground.

2.Before use paddy huller, should check the supply voltage switch must be in the off position.

3.After paddy huller starting motor, the rotor turning and equipment in the direction of. The first few minutes idling, observation has no abnormal noise, to confirm the normal operation, can feed production.

4. Paddy kernels containing skin to accumulate, can adjust the air flow into the whirlwind, increase the suction air volume, in order to achieve the purpose of skin absorption.

5.Precision without being separated from the seed kernel contained in exceed the standard, should timely adjust the motor and a vibration sieve surface at an angle, improve the selection effect.

6. The production, people from the vibration of the motor at a distance, so as to avoid wounding.

7. Equipment should always clear the screen surface dirt and residual grain and sundries. In order to ensure the concentration effect of paddy. Equipment must be covered when not in use, in a dry and Treasury, to avoid the sun and rain.


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