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Automatic rice mill equipment can make the rice reach the required white by once milling.this rice milling equipment is equipped with an installation of jetting apparatus. Rice milling equipment can make the finished product pearl-white rice and containing little percentage of bran at low temperature, being capable of automatically separating the bran from the rice.This automatic rice milling equipment have the characteristics of compact structure, operating and maintenance easily.

Automatic rice mill machine is an economical machine, it is can not only mill the brown rice high capacity, also this automatic rice mill machine can mill the paddy rice with rice husk, to mill the husk into bran for other use. And for the machine, automatic rice mill machine is widely used in the rice mill plant to be the main rice mill working part, paddy rice milling machinery can help polish the rice to make whiter rice .

Rice Mill Equipment For Sale

Features of automatic rice mill equipment

1. Automatic rice mill equipment can produce white rice with high purity to achievenational standard.

2.This rice milling machinery adopts much advantages of other types, and has a comprehensive layout, rational design, compact structure and little noise in operation.
3.automatic rice milling equipment is easy to operate with less power consumption and high productivity.
4. The finished rice contains less chaff and low broken rate by this paddy rice mill machine.

5.Automatic rice mill equipment for sale with factory price,to save cost for paddy rice farmer.

Rice Milling Equipment Price

Working Principle of rice milling equipment

First the user send paddy to the feeding hole of automtatic rice mill equipment then they are pushed forward along the direction of the shaft with the action of the screw conveyor. With the combined action of the iron roller and the resistance from the pressure door, paddy begins to rub each other to finish the hulling process by automatic rice milling equipment.

The brown rice is pushed into the milling room to peel the brown skin, when they reach the precision of finished rice, they will be driven out of the automatic rice mill machine as the finished rice. Meanwhile, the milling room is blown by the high-pressure blower and the chaff powder is blown into the chaff-hopper, then they are pushed into the chaff-sucking blower or the crush device. At the same time, some heat is also brought out of the milling room. All of above strengthens the milling effect and makes the finished rice brighter. So this paddy rice mill equipment can produce rice with good brightness, low temperature and fine chaff.

Automatic Rice Mill Equipment
Automatic Rice Mill Equipment For Sale

Technical parameters of paddy rice milling equipment


















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