automatic rice packing machine, rice weighing and packaging machine

This automatic rice packing machine is mainly used for automatic quantitative packaging of grain,seed,granular, strips, block,and granular-powder materials,rice weighing and packaging machine can pack different materials, such as rice,wheat ,corn,Chinese medicine granular, melon-seed, salt, foodstuff,organic fertilizer, compound fertilizers, urea,nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potassium fertilizer, feed,washing powderand hardware etc.this packing machine is an optional choice in a complete rice mill plant equipment.

Automatic Rice Packing Machine Price
Automatic Rice Weighing Machine Price

Features of automatic rice packing machine

1. Automatc rice packing machine with three level filing speed: fast, medium and slow.

2.Rice packing machine matching high precision sensor with high intelligent meter.With the correct sensor function, helping to reduce sensor errors, automatic packing machine improve accuracy of measurement and control system.

3.Self-calibration and manual calibration, the microprocessor in the course of their work using automatic correction of measurement to overcome the long-term use and environmental temperature changes caused by the error.

4.Automtaic rice packing machine with automatic statistic function of the packing number and quantity.

5.Rice weighing and packaging machine matched self -adapted software, amending fall automatically, overrun alarming and inspecting trouble automatically.
6. Automatic rice packaging machine adopting import pneumatic actuator which is reliable, non-polluted and easy to be maintained.

7.Conveyor platform height and conveying speed adjustable of this automatic rice packing machine. Platform lenght 2.2m or optional 2.7m.
8.The part touch the material use stainless steel which is safe, clean and not easy to be eroded and life of rice weighing and packaging machine is long.

9.High quality bag clamp system, bag clamping and discharging are controlled by limit system.

10.With complete network communication,automatic rice packing machine has host computer for high speed and efficiency of data exchange.Print and data communication function.

Rice Packing Machine Price

Technical Parameters of rice weighing and packaging machine




Main power:0.55kw,sewing power:0.37kw,

transport power:0.37kw

Packing capacity




Packing range


Bags materials

Woven bag,cloth bag,plastic bag,sacks bag,etc

Made of materials

Connection part with packing materials is made of 304 stainless steel

Packing materials range

Grain,seeds,fertilizer,feeds,chemical materials,powder etc

Sewing device

Automatic sewing and transporting





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