mini rice mill plant with small scale low cost small scale rice mill plant

Mini rice mill plant consists of rice feeder, rice destoner, combined paddy rice  husker.small scale rice processing plant can produce high quality white rice with fewer broken rice,small size and cheap price which is suitable for small farmer & small scale rice producer. The mini rice mill plant comprises cleaning of the paddy to remove stones, dust, chaff etc.

The cleaned lot is fed into the de-husker machine where with the help of rubber rollers husk is separated,then brown rice so obtained is taken to huller where polishing is done by mild friction created within the polishing chamber. The polished rice and bran are separated and collected by combined rice mill machine. Recovery of edible rice is around 80%. Bye products constitute about 15% whereas balance 5% is waste and process loss.Small scale rice processing plant for sale at factory price.

Mini Rice Mill Plant Cost

Structure of mini rice mill plant

No.Device NameDesciption
1Automatic paddy rice feederLift the raw paddy rice into the destoner machine
2Rice destoner machineRemove the light, medium, large impurities & side stone from raw paddy rice
3Automatic rice feederLift the cleaned raw paddy into rice mill machine
4VTLN series combined

rice huller and mill machine

1. Paddy rice dehusking
2. Rice milling (whitening)
3. Separate the cleaned white rice and husk
2Power distribution cabinet/

Features of small scale rice processing plant

1.Mini rice mill plant with automatic operation from the paddy loading to finished white rice
2.this mini rice mill plant has high quality white rice, low temperature rise
3.this small rice milling line plant has higher milling yield & fewer broken rice mini rice mill plant

4.this small scale rice mill plant has compact structure, small space occupation
5.Low investment & high return small scale rice mill plant

6.Convenient installation and easy maintenance

Mini Rice Mill Plant
Mini Rice Mill Plant Price

Technical parameter of mini rice mill plant



















video of small scale rice mill plant

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