rice mill grinding machine,rice grinder mill machine for sale

Rice mill and grinder machine ,one machine with two functions.rice mill and rice grinder.

1.Rice mil machine mainly used for rice peeling paddy into white rice in family, farm, grain processing plant etc. Peeling rate more than 95%.

2.Grinder machine is the material through the high-speed operation, The collision of materials and materials to powder, The powder discharged through the sieve to make the powder even to meet the user’s requirements.Grinding series special materials:rice,wheat,corn glutinous rice, granular skin, pepper, spices, etc.

Rice Grinder Machine For Sale

Features of rice mill and grinder machine

1.Rice mill and grinder machine can be used for multiple purposes,It can be used for grain peeling or grain grinding which can meet the family’s rational use requirements.

2.One motor drive 2 devices to save the cost,power configuration is convenient, rice mill and grinder machine can be driven by electric motor, also can be driven by gasoline engine,diesel engine.

3.Rice mill machine can match different size of rice sieve (optional 0.7mm, 1.0mm, 1.3mm), So that can process different materials;The optional screen size of the rice grinder machine is 0.2-0.6mm.the finished size can choiced by customer.

4.Matched with automatic transmission belt conversion device, the switch handle can adjust rice mill and grinder machine working ,it can ensure that the grinder is not working when rice mill working.or when you grinding materials ,the rice mill will not working.

5.The rice milling and grinder machine with small size, easy to transport and move, rice mill barrel and meter adjustment device, Using advanced technology to achieve good-looking, applicable, sanitary effects,wear-resistant.

6.Grinder machine seat is equipped with a pad to prevent the outflow of dust, and a cloth pocket is provided for dust prevention and powder collection.

Rice Grinder Machine Price
Rice Grinder Price

Technical parameters of rice milling and grinding machine





Rice mill 150~200

Grinder 150~200







Roller Diameter









Power Consumption


General Broken Rice Rate


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