Fully Automatic Rice Mill Plant China Supplier Setup Cost

this series complete automatic rice milling plant is designed and developed from superior grade raw materials in compliance with international quality standards. this paddy rice peeler machine plant is recognized for the paddy rice mill plant reliable performance, low running cost, less maintenance, longer service life and enhanced durability.

the rice mill plant is the process that helps detaching hulls and bran’s from paddy grains to produce polished rice. The objective of a rice milling system is to remove the husk and the bran layers from paddy rice to produce whole white rice Kernels that are sufficiently milled free of impurities and contain a minimum number of broken kernels.

Automatic Rice Mill Plant
Rice Milling Plant Machine

Features of rice milling plant

1. this paddy automatic rice mill plant has permutations ways to make smooth running machine, easy operation and maintenance more convenient.

2. this paddy rice mill plant can reduce the dust pollution problem at feeding, to improve the operating environment is more favorable.

3. the rice milling plant machine has sand roller rice milling chamber, the meter mouth made the necessary improvements to make, cereal bran during the row ahead, rice temperature lower, to improve rice quality,the rice mill plant can reduce refined rice bran powder content is very favorable.

Rice Mill Plant Price

Data of rice milling plant








1 set rice destone,1 set rice huller,1 set grain separation machine ,1 set rice mill machine ,1 set grader machine,1 set single elevator ,1 set double elevator

video of automatic rice mill plant

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