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Sisal fiber extractor machine is used to peel the kinds of fiber from sisal,ramie, jute, kenaf,hemp,banana stem,pineapple leaf etc.This sisal extractor machine can ensure safety production,clean flax breaking and not break flax fiber.Jute extractor machine works well with high capacity, overcome traditional manual work. saving labour and time,low cost but produce high-quality fiber.It’s the preferred peeling machine for fiber processing company.

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Jute fiber extractor machine is mainly made up of frame, drum blades, fixed blade sheet, feeding mouth, safety cover,motor,feeding roller,discharging conveyor etc.our sisal fiber extraction machine can be driven by electric motor or diesel engine.Different power choice can meet different customer’s need, especially the place short of the electricity power.

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Sisal fiber is an important raw material which is required for production of variety goods,such as doormats, industrial matting,ropes, cords and various articles, like shopping bags, coaster wall hanger, pot hanger, table mats, and many other goods.In old days ,extraction of sisal fibre is largely being done by manually’s not only low productivity, but also greatly increased the workload of farmers.The use of jute fiber peeling machine can add production to a large extent but also reduce the work for farmer. Fibre extraction on sisal fiber extractor machine is superior in quality compared with manual fiber extraction.

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Victor Farm Machinery offering an outstanding range of sisal fiber extractor machine. Victor brand sisal extraction machine has been exported to America, Japan, Ecuador, Rwanda, Bangladesh, Kenya, Uganda, Bhutan, Turkey, Egypt etc.

Technical parameters of sisal fiber extractor machine







Power Type

Electric motor / diesel engine

Rotary speed


Dirt rate









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