small grass chopper machine for sale ,cutting forage for livestock feed

Small grass chopper machine adopts high grade manganese steel and 2.7mm thinkened steel plate ,it makes forage chopping machine with good cutting effect and durable.forage cutting machine is designed to chop grass to small size for poultry feed which can minimize wastage of fodder, it’s being a good helper for individual farmers as grass chopper machine can process all kinds of grasses and straws.


small grass chopperdiesel forage cutting machine

Application of forage cutting machine

Small grass chopper machine is an ideal farm machine for livestock feeding.The grass chopper machine is suitable for all kinds of green grass, tobacco, wheat straw, maize stalk, sweet potato stem, beanstalk, grain wheat straw.The output of forage cutting machine can be used to feed cattle,sheep,goat,deer and horse etc.Small grass chopper machine also can be used cut small tree branch to make paper.Forage cutting machine can improve the digestion of cattle yielding more milking output capacity and reduce wastage of is durable, long lasting and low maintenance.

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Advantage of small grass chopper machine

1.Small grass chopper machine designed with insurances device,so it can be stoped rapidly once in dangerous .

2.Three kinds of motor power choice,electric motors, diesel engine,petrol engine can be forage cutting machine can be used in the region lacking of electricity,we can supply machine power according to your needs.

3.The steel blade is made of manganese steel with high quality,super wear resistant and high strength bolts, safe and reliable.

4.The belts of the forage cutting machine is matched with high strength.we match high quality motor with this grass chopper machine from top supplier of China.

5.We can supply you competitive priceon this small grass chopper machine for sale.

small grass cutting machineforage cutting machine suppliergrass chopper machine price

Technical Parameter of forage cutting machine









Motor speed



Grass cutting length



Overall Weight



Overall Demission

( mm)


Small grass chopper machine working video

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