Farm Sprinkler Irrigation System Best Water Saving Sprinkling

working prinple of farm sprinkler irrigation system

the pressure water will drive the rotation of the hydro-turbine and the reel plate throughneither multi-step speed regulation mechanism to realize the even reversing of PE pipes and sprinkler wagon and at the same lime, enter to the sprinkler through PE pipes or carry out nor mal sprinkling. With simple structure,high automation and adaptability, this farm sprinkler irrigation system is easy to be Ipirated and may realize multi-sated speed regulation. the farm sprinkler irrigation system is the ideal choice for water saving sprinkling.The automated farm sprinkler irrigation system characterizes high in efficiency.characterizes high in efficiency.
Featuring in high efficiency,power and water saving, the farm sprinkler irrigation system can increase yield at economical cost with the spraying uniformity coefficient up to 85%,
and take advantages of the uniform application of chemicals and fertilizers.

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