Peeling Corn Video,how To Peel My Corn Skin

Corn peeling machine which is a new idea type of high efficient machine for peeling corn, can meet the demand of house hold,family use,or small,medium farm use. People use  this new idea machine to process corn instead of old-type manual hand machine which reducing labor and addition, it provides an effective method to avoid corn being rotten because of not peeling corn in time. the corn peeling equipment is has simple structure and easy to adjust, and it has high production efficiency and low production cost. Thus, it can use electric motor, diesel engine, or farm tractor as the power.
the peeling machinery is not just only high effective,but also will not damage the corn,the waste of skins and corn cob, you can use a pellet mill to recycle them into pellets for cooking fuel,or warming fuel, dont you think this is very amazing?

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