Feed Grinder Chaff Cutter Machine By Diesel Engine Driven

feed grinder chaff cutter machine is a combined machine with chaff cutter and hammer mill function in one,which is widely used in farm,wood and feed factory, etc.The raw materials for feed grinder chaff cutter machine can series grass ,straw ,stalk etc.which is suitable to make animal feed and poultry farming. The raw materials for hammer mill can be kinds of grain, corn,wheat ,rice ,millet etc. The final crushed powder can be 0.8~8mm.You can get the different size of crushed material by changing the screen.The machine could be driven by the diesel engine and electric motor,petrol engine.we can match power according to your requirements.

Hammer Mill Chaff Cutter
Motorized Hammer Mill Chaff Cutter

In the livelihood of farmer, livestock makes up a major part. Getting enough grass and fodder is hard these days. So in order to reduce the wastage of the grass dairy farmers started using chaff cutter machine, which cuts down the grass to small pieces. This makes cattle eat every part of grass thus reducing the wastage.feed grinder chaff cutter machine is mechanical device used to cut the straw or hay into small pieces so as to mix it together and fed to cattle. This improves animal digestion and prevents animal from rejecting any part of their food. So to increase the productivity and reduce the physical effort required for running the machine the motorized machinery came into existence it is best for dairy farmers. Presently chaff cutter machine are electric driven as well as diesel engine.

In the feed processing process there may be a number of ingredients that require some form of processing. These feed ingredients include coarse cereal grains, corn which require particle size reduction which will improve the performance of the ingredient and increase the nutritive value. There are a many ways to achieve this particle size reduction,Hammer mill are able to produce a wide range of particle sizes work with any friable material and fibre ease of use lower initial investment when compared with a roller mill, minimal maintenance needed,particles produced using a hammer mill will generally be spherical, with a surface that appears polisher.

Features of feed grinder chaff cutter machine

1.Multifunction machine – the feed grinder chaff cutter machine can be used for green fodder cutting and grain grinding.

2.New cutting technology – The research work in this domain was studied and new methods are developed to achieve desired goal.

3.Safety- Highest priority is given to safety. Because it is widely used by farmers and his family so it‘’s easy operate and safety guard.

4.Feeding of food material – We feed fodder through hopper.As feed trough has large opening & high length this provides guide way to grass & other fodder material like dry corn straw, grass, soya bean, wheat stalk,increases the fodder production.

5.Collect fodder from output tube -After rotation of cutting blades, it causes cutting of supplied feed material like grass dry corn straw into powder form.This light weight particles thrown away by centrifugal force of cutting blade towards outlet tube .So, place container for collecting fodder.

6.Low noise- Less noise,Aesthetically pleasing and attractive design.

7.Compact structure– Compact in design cause to install machine at small place.

8.Different power choice – The feed grinder chaff cutter machine can be drive by diesel engine ,petrol engine ,electric motor.

Heavy Duty Hammer Mill
Hammer Mill Combined With Chaff Cutter

Working video of feed grinder chaff cutter machine

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