Small Farm Irrigation Systems Low Cost Irrigation System

The small farm irrigation systems for small farm land low cost irrigation system for sale is suitable for farmland, stadiums,golf courses,soccer fields, lawns, meadows, parks, gardens and a variety of crops.this series farm watering equipment mainly used for garden and farmland,the farm irrigation system has stable pipe reel,the pipe drum is a particularly torsion resistant construction of profiles and edged segments.

Features of small farm irrigation systems

1.Irrigation machine is mainly composed of Frame, Reel,PE Tube, Water Turbine,Gearbox and Water


2.With Characteristics of Simple and Compact Structure, Easy Operation and Moving, The irrigation

machine can be operated by 1-2 persons.

3.High Efficiency and Large Irrigation Area. The Sprinkler  can spray water in all directions.

4.Good irrigation quality and uniformity can be up to 85% above.

5.The Irrigation machine, with multi-functions, can be used for farmland irrigation, fruit and vegetable

irrigation,pasture and sugarcane spray,power plant

and port de-dusting

Operation of small irrigation systems

1. Put the hose reel irrigation machine on the end of the field.
2. Pull PE pipe and sprinkler car to the other of field by tractor.
3. When water reaches certain working pressure, spray gun or cantilever starts sprinkling. Meanwhile, main machine using water pressure through water turbine, gear box and other drive system producing mechanical kinetic energy drives the reel.
4. When sprinkler car moves back with designed speed when reel rotating, sprinkling while walking until the irrigation finish.
5. When sprinkler car moves to main machine, it can be lifted and fixed into main machine.
6. Cut the water source, and moves to another field & restart irrigation.

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