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rice harvester machine is a kind of man-holding harvesting machine and self-walking rice harvesting machine.this rice harvester machine has slewing flexible,cutting-Platform use shaft driven system,more safe,performance well and low failure rate.this type wheat harvester machine can harvest rice,corn,wheat,when adding one high frame device,this rice harvesting machine can also harvest pepper,corn,alfalfa,etc,this pepper harvester machine is applicable in the plain,hills,slopes,small field. Small volume,light weight,simple operation,low batch-cutting,no limit on distance.

Rice Harvester Machine Price
Rice Harvester Machine For Sale

Features of rice harvester machine

1). 4HG series rice/wheat/pepper harvester machine is a kind of man-holding and self-walking harvesting machine.
2). The pepper harvesting machine adopts gasoline engine as power, driven by chain
transmission as a walking tank.
3). There are one reverse gears, two forward gears and one neutral.
4). The cutting part and walking drive are equipped with the clutch handles.
5). The cutting width is 1200mm and the weight is 175kg, It’s suitable for paddy field and enjoyed
by the southeast Asia and South America market.
6).this type rice harvester machine can harvest rice,corn,wheat,when adding one
high frame device,this wheat harvesting machine can also harvest pepper,corn,alfalfa,etc
7).the rice harvester machine has big wheel tire which makes it special for wet field and bad field
8).this rice harvesting machine has competitive price for sale and portable,easy operation and maintainence

Rice Harvester Machine Price Philippines
Rice Harvesting Machine Nigeria

specification of rice harvester machine

model Harvesting width power Size(m) weight

video of rice harvester machine

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