corn and wheat farmers be careful with massive grains

one man may feel almost very very comfortable when massive grains like corn or wheat flows like water or sand through his fingers and around his feet.However those feelings which makes him delight can quickly turn into feelings of fright. What many people forget or do not realize is that quickly flowing grain can shallow a person just in few seconds, especially when the grain is been drain from below such as in a grain bin or grain wagon.

Once one man is pulled down into a grain pile, it can be nearly impossible to pull that person out. Even a person who is only buried in grain to their waste, it requires hundreds of pounds of pulling power to get them out of the grain, much more powder than a single person can produce to rescue another person or themselves from the massive grains.

The pressure which grain puts onto a person’s body buried under several inches of grain acts like a boa constrictor. As a person breathes out, the grain pushes in toward the body to fill the space that once was occupied by the person’s expanded chest. Once the grain is in place, the person can no longer breathe in again and the person will expire due to the lack of oxygen. This can happen quite rapidly. What started out to be fun can end quite tragically.


There are several ways that a person may become buried, or entrapped in massive grains. when The person

1. stands on massive grain which is moving or flowing from the bottom of the pile.The flowing grain acts like quick flowing sand and buries the person just in few seconds.

2. stands on or below a bridging condition. Bridging occurs when grain clumps together, because of moisture, which creats an empty space beneath the grain as it is unloaded. If a person stands on or below the bridged grain, it can collapse, maybe unexpectedly, burying the person

3. stands next to an accumulated pile of grain on the side of the bin. The grain pile can collapse onto the person unexpectedly or when the person attempts to dislodge it.
Flowing grain will not support the weight of a person which will push a person down and into the massive grains when it flows.

Research has shown that up to 400 lbs. of pushing power is required to extract a body from waist-deep grain. That is more than enough force to permanently damage the spinal column.

Corn and wheat Farmers: Be careful,and safe working around massive grains or big grains storage

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