Manual Hay Baler Machine Baling Straw,Plastic,Paper

This hand operate hay baler machine can bale materials on such as hay, straw or leafs plastic, paper, cardboard, farm-waste, etc,which has many advantages as these bales are typically used to store excess materials or feed animals. straw is a by product of cereal plants bales made of straw are used as a construction material. Straw is what remains after the grain and chaff have been removed; it is also known as the stalk of the plant. Africa is home to many native cereal plants, this technology can be useful in almost any part of the world.

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Hand baler machine is a single-person operation farming equipment with the provision of a spring loaded compressing lever, to make bales effectively, with the help of the lever is positioned perfectly to dump the waste into the hay baler machine and start compression.Reasonable design making it a lot easier to tie the formed bales keeping the lever locked, thereby improving the compaction efficiency. Also, the user can move the machine with wheels according to their production requirements.

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Features of hand operated hay baler machine

1.The main frame of hand operated baler machine is made of shape steel and steel plate,  It can not only ensure the compressor capacity of the manual silage baling machine, but also guarantee the service life of the machine. Besides, it also can save the purchase cost for our customers.

2.Less investment manual hay baler, quick effect and high comprehensive benefit.Baled silage baler machine can reduce loss and waste, enzyme change loss and liquid flow loss are greatly reduced,the silage quality is good, crude protein content is high, and milk yield is greatly improved.

3.Compression chamber size and package size can be customized according to customer requirements.

4.No power requirements ,the manual hay baler machine is operated manually ,it can be used in the area which is lack of electricity .

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Technical parameters of manual silage baling machine

Capacity (kg/h)Depends on operator
Bale size (mm)550*500*600
Size (mm)770*670*1700
Weight (kg)70
Baler shapeSquare
Application materialsHay,straw ,silage ,plastic etc

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