Maize thresher machine price in Nigeria and South Africa

Maize is a valuable cereal grain crops. consumption of maize in the world is more than 116 million tons.In Sub-Saharan Africa, 50% of the population consumes maize while the entire African continent accounts for 30% of global Maize consumption.Nigeria being the largest African maize producer, her production is slightly over 10 million tons of maize, followed by South Africa. maize is geographically dispersed across Nigeria and suitable for most Nigerians. Approximately 8,0 million tons of corn grains are produced in South Africa annually on approximately 3,1 million ha of land Half of the production consists of white maize for human food consumptions.

Africa Maize Production

The important challenges which is facing Africa’s corn production is insufficient agricultural machinery and low production efficiency, especially maize thresher machine. According to the data of 2014, there are less than 10 sets maize thresher machine per square kilometers of farmland in Africa, compared with 257 sets in the United Kingdom, 200 sets in the United States, 130 sets in India, and 125 sets in Brazil. Therefore, promoting the import of machnical maize production has become an important measure for the Africa country to develop agriculture and improve agricultural production efficiency.

In 2014, Nigerian President Jonathan instructed the Central Bank of Nigeria to set up a 50 billion naira agricultural machinery development fund as soon as possible to support Nigeria’s agricultural mechanized production. This move is committed to accelerating the realization of the blueprint for the establishment of 1,200 agricultural machinery leasing companies across the country and promoting Nigeria’s “agricultural revolution.”

According to the demands of Africa market ,VICTOR FARM MACHINERY has developed two kinds of corn threshing machine help the maize production of the African country.One is maize thresher machine ,another is maize peeler and thresher combined machine.

Maize thresher machine is used to separate grain from cobs. Before shelling, the foliage is removed manually. Maize thresher are either manually operated or power operated. The maize sheller machine consists of a cylinder , concave assembly and a blower unit. Maize corn cobs are fed in between cylinder and concave and kernels are removed by the action of lugs. Blower cleans the lighter materials and small pieces of cobs and clean grain is collected. The 5-10 hp electric motor or gasoline can operate the machine. It can give output of 1~2tons .this kind of maize thresher machine in small size and cheap price ,it’s popular in maize farmer.

Maize Thresher Machine In Nigeria

Second type is multifunction thresher machine ,combined of maize peeler thresher,which for threshing the maize along with the corn leaf peeling. It is used for peeling and threshing of maize cobs simultaneously. In the spike tooth type sheller, pegs are staggered at varying heights for better shelling efficiency. Shelling efficiency is about 100% in both the cases and broken grains are less than 2.0%. maize peeler thresher machine saves lot of labour in comparison to traditional system.

Maize Thresher Machine Price In Souhth Africa

Both of those two kinds of machine with cheap price for Africa market.VICTOR FARM MACHINERY can custom power ,painting and Logo according to user’s requirement.

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