small wheat harvester machine for sale by petrol and diesel

self walking type small combined wheat harvester machine is a kind of multi-functional combined wheat harvesting machine, which is mainly suitable for small scale rice and wheat harvesting. It combines reaping, threshing, stripping, winnowing and packing into a single process. It relieves the farmers from heavy grain crops harvesting work. And it is well received by customers and dealers both domestically and internationally due to its great adaptability,the self propelled wheat harvester has compact structure, reliable performance, flexible operation and easy maintenance.

Wheat Harvester Machine
Gasonline Wheat Harvester

The self-propelled wheat harvester machine has undergone four years of research and improvement, and hundreds of field tests have overcome the drawbacks of the previous models being cumbersome, unable to harvest entanglement, lodging crops, and harvesting. It has solved the hardships of peasants facing the loess for thousands of years, sweating and mud, and it is also a good machine for farmers to earn money and get rich.

Gasoline Wheat Harvester is suitable for small plots, mountains, hills and need to harvest sorghum, stevia, sage, ryegrass, oats, futon, and harvest: cumin, prunella, wheat, soybean Rice, rapeseed, flax, grass corn, and other crops.


Characters of  Wheat Harvester Machine

* Applicable for mountainous area, hilly land, paddy field, terraced field and mud field, where the general combine harvester can not enter in.
* Light weight ensures flexible steering.
* Automatic, self-propelled harvester driven by diesel engine, suitable for small scale rice and wheat harvesting.
Special wheel for paddy field, the depth of mud can reach to 30cm.
* The height of picking up can be adjusted casually.

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