Sprinkler Irrigation System
sprinkler irrigation system video

working prinple of farm sprinkler irrigation system the pressure water will drive the rotation of the hydro-turbine and the reel plate throughneither multi-step speed regulation mechanism to realize the even reversing of PE pipes and sprinkler wagon and at the same lime, enter to the sprinkler through PE pipes or carry out nor mal sprinkling. With simple s……

Rice Husker Machine
rice huller machine video

The rice husker machine is designed for separate of paddy from the brown rice and paddy on the principle of density.this rice huller machine can be equipped with other rice processing equipment,After processing ,the rice can be separated in to 2 type ,white rice and brown husk. features of rice dehusking machine 1. This series rice dehusker machine is the ……

Precision Planter Video
precision planter video

Planters place seed in soil at accurate depths and spacing to provide optimal crop yields. Many units now come with a central-fill system so individual row units don’t need to be filled separately.Precision corn planting machine is a leader in agriculture technology. We develop innovative precision corn planting machine for corn seed,wheat seed, and solve ……

Engine Manual Planter
self-propelled planter machine

this type gasoline engine type manual corn seed planter is self-propelled corn seed planter with ditching,sowing,cultivator,fertilizing, it is suitable for small farm and personal farm use,also can be used for garden planting, the power is 7.5kw, used gasoline to ensure the planter very light and movable.we have single line and double lines for your choice……

be careful around massive grains

one man may feel almost very very comfortable when massive grains like corn or wheat flows like water or sand through his fingers and around his feet.However those feelings which makes him delight can quickly turn into feelings of fright. What many people forget or do not realize is that quickly flowing grain can shallow a person just in few seconds, espec……

Threshing And Peeling Corn
video of threshing corn

two in one new idea corn threshing and peeling machine is used for farmer or home to process maize, to peel skins and thresh kernels of maize without damaging maize kernels and corn cob.which greatly increase the working efficience and save labor and cost. you can also process corns for other to get benefits. 

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