fertilizer granulation process of new design fertilizer machine

New design organic fertilizer making machine is the most widely used in organic fertilizer granulation. Applications: animal manure, wet compost, green manure, sapropel & peat, cake fertilizer, farmyard manure, municipal solid waste, etc. It is specially used for organic and fermented fertilizer granulation and adapts to a variety of different formulations. Compressive resistance of organic fertilizer is higher than disc granulator’s and rotary drum granulator’s. the fertilizer granulation process saves drying process before granulation and significantly reduces manufacturing costs. This organic fertilizer granulator machine is used in mini new type organic fertilizer production line and 50,000 t/y organic fertilizer production line.

Why choosing new type organic fertilizer granulator machine?

New type organic fertilizer granulator, designed by Victor Fertilizer Granulator, is with reasonable structure and high automation. You can produce organic fertilizer granules without workers. Granulation rate reach to 99% and yield rate is 98% without return product. It does not affect the granulation of raw materials with high crude fiber content. It has low moisture while granulating. When you dry organic fertilizer pellets, it just needs proper temperature for drying. the fertilizer granulation process keeps beneficial microorganisms. In this way, it effectively ensures surviving amount of bacteria. It can be used for producing organic fertilizer, organic and compound fertilizer, bio organic fertilizer, compound microorganism organic fertilizer, humic fertilizer, etc.

Organic Fertilizer

New type organic fertilizer granulator features:

1. The granulated particles are spherical.
2. Organic matter content can be as high as 100%, which achieves pure organic granulation.
3. Using a certain acting force, organic materials can grow up with each other. It do not need to add binder.
4. Granules are solid can be screened after granulation, reducing the energy consumption while drying pellets.
5. After the fermentation, organic matter can be directly granulated without drying and water content in raw materials can be 20-40%.

How to deal with agglomeration of new type organic fertilizer granulator granulation?

After purchasing organic fertilizer raw materials, the materials will agglomerate. According to market research shows that there is a certain degree of agglomeration problem either extrusion granulator granulation or new type organic granulator granulation. However, it should be qualified products without caking while packaging organic fertilizer pellets. How to solve the problem? Fan Way Fertilizer Machinery will introduce the organic fertilizer production solution for you.

Raw materials for the new organic fertilizer granulation process may be affected by manure storage and transportation. In addition, it is related to weather and other aspects. For example, the surface of raw materials will become wet in rainy day. And then it will be larger and expansive, resulting in a agglomeration. The reason why it agglomerates related to long-time storage and improper transportation.

After knowing the reason causes organic fertilizer pellets agglomeration, we can solve the problems easily. Using waterproof and breathable packing, organic fertilizer pellets are free from air and humidity effects. You can also use fertilizer drying machine to dry organic fertilizer pellets. And then use organic fertilizer coating machine to add coating process, so that the surface of each particle has a layer of special protective film, preventing the influence of outside air humidity to the finished product particles. In this way, we can better solve agglomeration problem.

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