Send 3 sets peanut decorticator machine to Sudan customers

Peanut also is known as the groundnut which is a legume crop grown mainly for its edible seeds. Groundnut grown on over 22.2 million hectares worldwide, it has been used for decades as an important protein-rich source for people in developing countries, while its oilseed, cake and haulms are used traditionally as animal feed.It is widely grown in the tropics and subtropics, such as Asia and’s being important to both small and large commercial producer.

This native South American legume have been brought to Africa by West African immigrants about 200 years ago. Today, Sudan proudly boasts 14% of the world total peanut’s production,which is one of the top five producers worldwideit providing much needed foreign exchange for Sudan. In fact, groundnut cultivated area represents about 35% of total cash crop areas.

Harvesting takes place at the end of October and into November in Sudan.After the peanuts have dried sufficiently, the farmers need pick it from and shelling it soon.It is particularly important that peanuts are dried properly and stored in dry conditions. But there just little peanut sheller machine which can help farmer to do peanut shelling.In the most area of Sudan ,it was made by hand.

African women shelling thousands of peanuts by hand. It was slow, painful work that made their fingers bleed. During the long time processing ,the peanut in poor storage conditions, they may become infected by the mold fungus Aspergillus flavus. Many strains of this fungus release toxic and highly carcinogenic substances called aflatoxins.if the seed is infected by the mold fungus Aspergillus flavus,it will be worthless in the market,which mean the farmer will lose their annual labor results.

Peanut decorticator machine in Sudan

Some people saw this condition and wanna help the farmer do this work easily .One of our customer has ordered 3 sets diesel peanut decorticator machine at the beginning of March.he wanna use this peanut sheller machine to shell his own peanut ,and also wanna use this machine to shell peanut in his village for other farmers.

For the local electricity lack ,he has asked we match diesel engine for the peanut’s will much useful than electric motor in his country.we also showed him manual peanut decorticatorl.he said it will be much useful for remote areas in Sudan,one of his friends is wanna such machine.he will introduce him to us.maybe we can cooperate next month for manual peanut decorticator machine.

Peanut Decorticator Machine

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