corn peeler thresher machine for Kenya by petrol or diesel

On the April 2019,one of our customer from Kenya has ordered 2 sets corn peeler thresher machine .According to his needs ,we have matched petrol engine and diesel engine for him.he wanna test this corn machine and it will decide his future order .he said corn is the important cereal crops in Africa ,he wanna sell this corn peeler and thresher machine in Kenya and neighboring countries .in his email he has introduced many things of corn in Africa .

Corn Peeler Sheller Machine For Kenya

Corn is the most important cereal crop that is grown widely in Africa fields. More maize is produced annually than any other grain. there are about 50 kind of corn on the world,they has different colors, textures and grain shapes and sizes. but white and yellow corn are the most common types. The white and yellow varieties are preferred by African people.Corn are rich in vitamins A, C and E, carbohydrates, and essential minerals, and contain 9% protein.

They are rich in dietary fiber and calories which are a good source of energy for African.All parts of the corn can be used for food and non-food products.the corn kernel can be used for human food and the corn stalk ,leaf can be used for livestock feed.

In Africa ,some people eat food made from cornmeal three times a day.Whether you’re eating breakfast, lunch or supper in Africa, there are  corn dish to accompany it, or form the main part of it.corn meal food has different name and different cooking method in most African country .

Depending on where you are ,you can call maize meal in different name in Africa.In Zambia ,they called it Sadza.Ghana people called Banku or Kenkey.Ugali or fufu is the common name for corn food in eastern Africa ,such as Mali,Togo,Benin etc .Nigeria called it Ogi or Akamu. you can buy perfectly ground corn meal in these most African countries to make corn food.There are literally hundreds of ways to eat corn meal in Africa.

Usage of corn peeler thresher machine

No matter how to cooking corn in African country ,they need peel and thresh corn kernel from cob.our Kenya customer has told us that they do this job by hand before,it’s not only taking mach labour but also waste time.most farmer spend long time on this farm he wanna use machine to solve this problem.

he find us on the internet ,after communicate by email and phone calling ,he decide to buy 2 sets corn peeler sheller machine for Kenya.we will send those 2 sets corn peeler thresher machines to Mombasa port,Kenya . he will pick machine over there .it’s glad to supply corn peeler thresher machine for Kenya farmer.this corn peeler sheller machine will save Africa farmer from heavy farm working.

Diesel Maize Peeler Sheller Machine

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