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Farm machinery or agricultural machinery is a kind of machinery ,it’s used in farming or other agriculture. agricultural machinery is an indispensable part of how the world is fed.Since the advent of mechanized agriculture,there are many types of such farm machinery, from hand tools to power tools,such as tractors ,plough planter,harvester,thresher etc.

They are developed into different kinds of machine,normally they are divided into Tractor and power,Soil cultivation machine,Planting machine,Fertilizing & Pest Control machine,Irrigation machine,Produce sorter,Harvesting machine,Post harvest equipment,Hay making machine,etc.

Victor farm machinery is a professional manufacturers of post harvest equipment.our product scope include grain thresher machine ,corn sheller machine ,peanut sheller machine ,grain cleaner machine etc.those machine with different function which can help farmer to deal the grain preliminary,it can help farmer to get more profit than selling raw grain.

List of post harvest equipment

1.Power drive corn thresher machine

Power drive corn thresher machine are recommended for corn maize threshing due to its multiple advantages,such as high threshing efficiency,low investment, low operational cost ,easy move ,multiple power choice.It has additional advantages of simultaneous winnowing and cleaning, which can blow off light impurity and sort out little stone etc.besides electric drive ,it also can be drive by petrol or diesel engine.the user can choice large wheels and handle frame to move it easily.

Post Harvest Equipment

2.Grain thresher machine

Grain thresher machine is used for millet, sorghum, soybeans, small bean ,corn maize threshing.this grain thresher machine is  more efficient and have more service life.which can drive with electric motor ,diesel engine or petrol engine.Multifunction grain thresher machine has a wide using range, high productivity, low broken rate, low loss rate, convenient and safety operation etc.

Post Harvest Equipment Manufacturers

4.Grain cleaner machine

Power drive grain cleaner machine can separate chaff, dust,small stone from grain.the capacity from hundreds kilograms per hour to several tons per hour.These grain cleaner machine are much useful and not depending on natural wind.

5.Peanut sheller machine

Peanuts is widely grown in the tropics and subtropics, being important for small and large commercial producers.Peanut shelling machine is a kind of post harvest equipment which is used to remove hard shell and get clean peanut seed. HT series peanut sheller main features are high shelling efficient, low broken rate, high cleaning rate,less impurities,less mixed with kernels, etc.

List Of Post Harvest Equipment

6.Grain mill machine

Grain mill machine is the most essential tools used for corn,wheat ,rice ,beans grinding ,it also can used for herb grinding ,such as red chilies, black pepper, white pepper, cinnamon, dry yucca root, dry cassava root, andcardamom, etc, In the past days,corn flour or wheat flour was ground utilizing conventional hand tools ,it required immense effort and time.nowadays ,grain mill machine can help farmer in crushing diverse sorts of flours.

7.Grass chopper machine /hay making machine

Grass chopper machine also called chaff cutter machine, it is widely used for cutting forage grass, fresh or dry corn stalk,alfalfa,wheat straw, rice straw,cotton stalks, other crops straw, etc. processed stalk can be used for poultry feed.Grass chopper machine is an ideal equipment for poultry farmer,one person can operate grass chopper machine to process a wide range of raw materials.

Post Harvest Equipment Factory

why we use post harvest equipment ?

Those machines are just little parts of post harvest equipment,the farmer must attend to certain primary grain processing operations ,such as threshing, cleaning, winnowing,drying, grading,milling etc.Through primary processing ,the farmer can get higher profit than raw grain.

By using post harvest equipment ,farmer can save cost ,time and labour cost.they should transform themself from farmer to producer of agricultural product ,become a higher member of the agricultural supply chain.To get more remunerative price and profits by increasing quality of agricultural product,increase the value of own products and efficient utilization of byproducts.

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