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Rice harvester machine is a kind of hand-held harvester machine and self-propelled rice harvesting machine. This type of rice harvester has a flexible slewing, cutting platform using shaft drive system, more safety, good performance and low failure rate. This type of wheat harvester machine can harvest rice, corn and wheat. With the addition of an overhead unit, this rice harvester can also harvest peppers, corn, alfalfa, etc. This pepper harvester machine is suitable for plains, hills, slopes and small fields. Small size, light weight, simple operation, less batch cutting, and not limited by distance. after harvesting, the rice and wheat can be threshed by threshing machine and milled by rice mill machine.

Rice Harvester Machine Price
Rice Harvester Machine For Sale

Features of rice harvester machine

1). 4HG series rice/wheat/pepper harvester machine is a hand-held self-propelled harvester.
2). The pepper harvester machine is powered by gasoline engine and chain drive
transmission as walking tank.
3). There are one reverse gear, two forward gears and one neutral gear.
4). The cutting part and walking drive are equipped with clutch handle.
5). Cutting width is 1200mm, weight is 175kg, suitable for water field enjoyment. the harvester machine is popular in India, Pakistan, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria etc.

6). This rice harvester machine plus one can harvest rice, corn, wheat
Elevated device, this wheat harvester machine can also harvest pepper, corn, alfalfa, etc.
7). The rice harvester machine has large wheel tires, especially suitable for wet and bad land
8). This rice harvester has competitive selling price and portability, easy to operate and maintain

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specification of rice harvester machine

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video of rice harvester machine

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