Agriculture Farm Machine To Africa

The African Development Bank has called most African countries to rebuild rural areas ,tried to  transform them from disadvantaged economical to prosperous economical, thereby improving the lives of African youth.Agricultural is not only a way of life or industry, but also a business opportunity to create wealth. To achieve this great vision, we need to accelerate agricultural innovation in Africa, and transform agriculture into a revenue generating sector. More than ever, Africa needs to accelerate its agricultural modernization. Many countries already begin this project, such as Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Togo, Benin, Ghana, Angola and Sierra Leone, they have taken action to invite tenders for farm machinery and subsidize farmers for agricultural development.

Grain Grinder Grass Chopper
Chaff Cutter Hammer Mill

Victor Farm Machinery

we has been much tender’s supplier of agricultural machinery in many African countries. We have provided 130 sets gasoline cassava grinders for Kenya in 2013, 60 sets corn threshers for Nigeria in 2017, rice harvesters and rice mills for Angola in 2018, and now has business dealings with many African countries. Victor farm machinery has customized different power driven farm machine for the area lack of electricity, such as diesel driven corn threshers, gasoline driven wheat threshers, diesel driven rice mills,diesel grain mills machine and so on.

The agricultural machinery manufactured by Victor Farm Machinery has the following characteristics.

1.Practicability. The farm machines of Victor Farm Machinery follow the progress of science and technology, constantly optimize the functions of the products. Many machine is multi-functional , such as corn peeling thresher, chaff cutter hammer mill., rice mill and grinder,one machine with two function .

2.Cheap price.To ensure the practical and durable premise of agricultural machinery, Victor Farm Machinery supply best quality and the lowest price to the majority of farmers.

3.Simplicity of agricultural machinery, according to the power requirements of different regions we can equip the machine with diesel engines or motors,Agricultural machine can be equipped with customized tires move easily.

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