Grain Sheller Machine For Sale Types of Shelling Machine


Multi crop thresher machine

Do you plant rice, wheat, beans, sorghum or millet? or are you in the business of agriculture grains? If you are looking for a agriculture multi crop thresher sheller machine to thresh them, why not to choose our multifunction grain sheller? I promise that you will get a big benefit from such a multifunction grain …

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Grain thresher machine

When wheat, barley, sorghum, paddy rice or other grains are harvested, the grain must be separated from the rest of the plant before it can be used to make flour. This separation process is called threshing. In the agriculture of today, threshing is done with machines called grain thresher machine. Victor farm machinery has developed …

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Grain peeler machine

Zhengzhou Victor machinery provides big, medium and small grain peeler machine for each kind of grain, including corn,rice ,wheat,soya bean, garden peas, mung, black beans etc.Nowadays grain and beans are widely used in high grade cereal flour product, bean food, protein extraction etc. Following people’s diet change and satisfying people’s pursuit for food nutrient and health, Multi-functional …

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Automatic Corn Sheller Machine

Automatic corn sheller machine is a new type of automatic corn threshing machine which is improved for advanced production experience , it’s used for corn threshing after corn harvest, The market survey showed that the effect of maize shelling machine has been greatly improved, to obtain the user’s consistent approval. This corn sheller machine is a big farm machines.And of course,he does a very good work at corn shelling.automatic …

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hand crank corn sheller machine

hand crank corn sheller is a small kind of sheller machine for threshing maize powered by hand,which features on simple structure,high rate of threshing,and easy of use and maintain-ance.the hand operated corn sheller is reliable and safe.Because it is not control by the power,so it is more convenient in using.the hand powered corn sheller is much …

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Rice/Wheat Thresher Machine

the wheat thresher machine has small size and light weight,highly movable which is very suitable for home use,this kind of small home use small wheat thresher machine can be driven by electricity or diesel engine.this mini wheat threshing machine can not only thresh wheat,but also can thresh soybean,rice,rape seed,and sorghum,what is more, if you change …

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Corn Thresher Machine

Corn Threshing Machine

The corn threshing machine is popular both in farm and factory after they harvest corn and it can thresh varies sizes corn.this corn machine has small size and movable,light weight,but high production yield.shelling clean with good kernels.the maize threshing machine can be driven by diesel or electric motor. it is the most popular hammer throwing type equipment which is …

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Corn Peeling Machine

corn peeling machine is mainly made up with screw rollers and rubber rollers,which can in effect remove the skins of corn,shucking rate can reach to 96–98%,borken rate is below 1%,loss rate is below 2%.the maize peeling machine will not break the kernels when removing the skins,and it just only need 2.2–3kw,which is very suitable for small farm or …

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Corn Peeler Thresher Kenya

Combined Peeler Thresher Machine

corn thresher machine and peeler machine has combined multifunction, at the same the corn peeler thresher machine can peel the skin and thresh the kernels from the corn cob,but will not damage the kernels because rubber hammer roller is adopted to thresh ,also we have left-right combination and up-down combination type corn peeler machine. this …

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