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small powder packing machine Application

small powder packing machine is an automatic packing machine which is suitable for large and medium sized feed pellet production plants and powder feed production,or other powder materials. small powder packing machine is always applied to a automatic weighing and packing system combined with the transport mechanism and the sewing machine. The automatic weighing and packing machine can pack feed pellets, wood pellets, fertilizer granules and other particle material and powder material with good fluidity. With an excellent performance,small powder packing machine has been adopted by a great many large feed pellet production factories.

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Features of small powder packing machine

1. This small powder packing machine is mainly composed of auto weighting, delivery device, sealing device and feeding machines.
2. Adopts advanced infinite frequency conversion technology and stainless steel production process.
3. Independent suspension sensors with stable signal transmission to make sure the accurate weighting.
4. LCD touch-sensitive screen, easy to operate.
5. Infrared sensor and gate discharging make it energy saving.
6. Auto weighting system adopts the dust prevention and water proofing design.
7. Compact structure, high weighing accuracy, easy operation and stable performance.
8. High efficiency, labor intensity reducing and cost saving.
9. Our feed pellets packing machine can meet hygiene requirement and satisfy the needs of large scale production.

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Main Structures and Working Process of small powder packing machine

The small powder packing machine consists of weighting system, conveying system, packing system and intelligent controller. When pellets fall down into bags, the machine can measure weight automatically. Once the adjusted weight is reached, full bag will automatically fall down to bottom conveyor and is transported to sealing machine. The sealing machine then automatically seals bags and prints specific time and date. We offer different models of machines with weighing capacity from 1kg to 100kg. Based on your packing weight, please opt the suitable machine.

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