what is compound chemical fertilizer and the nutrient property

basic information

compound chemical fertilizer refers to at least any two kinds of nutrients among nitrogen,phosph0r,patassium.which has good features of high nutrient,less sub-component,good chemical physical properties and so on.compound fertilizers has great important function to balancing fertilizing,increasing fertilizer efficiency,promoting crops high and high production.

production process

the common granulation for compound fertilizer:rotary drum granulator,spray granulation,high tower granulation

rotary drum type granulation is the most widely used among fertilizer granulation equipments ,this type granulation has small limitation to the fertilizer formula,but it has features of high production yield,low investment,short constructing period and so on, so it is favored by most of fertilizer manufacturers

advantages of compound fertilizer

1.it has more nutrients type

2.it has uniform structure

3.it has good physical properties

disadvantages of compound fertilizer

1.the nutrient proportion is fixed which is a little hard to meet demand of different soil and crops

2.because the movement rates of different nutrients vary in the soil,the time and location of fertilizing is a little hard to control  on the fertilization technique.

3.it destroys the soil structure every easily, in the last fertilizer knowledge, we learned why organic fertilizer better than compound fertilizer


for rice: the effective nutrient content of NPK is ≥25%

for bamboo:the effective nutrient content of NPK is ≥ 28.5%

for tea:the effective nutrient content of NPK is ≥ 25%

for fruit:the effective nutrient content of NPK is ≥ 36%

for vegetables:the effective nutrient content of NPK is ≥ 35%

for high concentration:the effective nutrient content of NPK is ≥  45%

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