Automatic corn sheller machine for sale with big capacity

Automatic corn sheller machine is a new type of automatic corn threshing machine which is improved for advanced production experience , it’s used for corn threshing after corn harvest, The market survey showed that the effect of maize shelling machine has been greatly improved, to obtain the user’s consistent approval. This corn sheller machine is a big farm machines.And of course,he does a very good work at corn shelling.automatic corn sheller machine can thresh peeled corns  with low percentage loss.And it gonna a very high production efficiency from 10 tons per hour to 20 tons/h.So large capacity maize shelling machine is a good choice for big scale farm and corn processing factory.

Automatic Corn Sheller Machine For Sale
Automatic Corn Sheller Machine Price

Features of maize shelling machine

1.The automatic corn sheller machine can match three phase electric motor or diesel engine.also can match with With the four wheel vehicle as the driving force, strong mobilitycorn sheller machine.

2.High clean threshing rate and high production efficiency.

3.Long service life and maintenance costs maize shelling mahcine.

4.Corn cob and corn seed separation completely clean.

5.As a large capacity maize shelling machine ,it matched an automatic corn feeder and low broken rate.

Corn Sheller Machine Price
Corn Sheller Machine For Sale

Specification of corn sheller machine








Percentage of breaking≤1%


Dirt percentage



Threshing performance

more than 98%more than 98%
Loss percentage≤1.5%


Overall Weight(kg)

Overall Size (mm)3650*3080*1850


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