rice destoner machine in Nigeria,removing and cleaning stone

Rice destoner machine is mainly used for the farmer and grain processing factory or rice processing plant .this rice destoner machine can separate the stone ,rice straw ,leave and other impurities from cereal crops. Which is adopted in rice , wheat, beans etc. Stone removing machine designed based on the proportion of stone to materials which combined blowing with screening.

VQS series rice destoner machine will clean up stone, sand, metal blocks and other impurities from raw paddy rice or grain.The destoning rate of this rice destoner machine  is more than 98% in Nigeria. VSQ series rice cleaning machine is consist of feeding hopper, big stone outlet, impurity outlet, clean rice outlet, small stone outlet, blowing fan ,electric motor and machine frame.

Why we use rice destoner machine ?

Threshed grain will mix some stone,sand, small pebbles, plant and insect waste, seed cases, etc.These impurities lower the quality of the crops and it may also cause a focal point for potential infestation during storage.The simplest cleaning method called winnowing.in old days ,farmer tossing the grain into the air and letting the wind take off the lightest impurities.Although it’s widespread in farming,but this cleaning method can’t eliminate the heavier impurities,such as stone,gravel,etc.After cleaning operation, the farmer can sorting of the products according to quality before storage, marketing .Cleaned rice and grain can take more profit for the farmer.

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Work principle of rice stone removing machine

When rice destoner machine works,the user feeding rice to feeding hopper.The rice enters the middle of the stone screen continuously.The grain and stone is separated by vibrating motion.while the large stone on the surface of the stone screen under the action of the inertial force and airflow of the vibration system of the screen surface.it will be discharged on the upper outlet.The smaller stone is falled into second screen and then discharged by second outlet. and then blower will blow off small and light impurity.then cleaner paddy fall down vibration outlet.

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Rice Destoner Machine In Nigeria

Advantage of rice destoner machine

1.High capacity rice destoner machine.The capacity can reach 1000~1200kg/h and 1500~2000kg/h .
2.High cleaning rate. The cleaning rate more than 98% and cleaned without any impurities.
3.The rice stone removing machine is easy to use, just need feeding raw paddy rice ,after several minutes ,the user can get cleaned rice from stone, and other impurities .
4.Small power consumption ,VSQ100 power is 0.55kw and VSQ150 power is 1.5 kw.
5.Smooth running .The grain spreads evenly over the mesh screen ,and then stone and other materials of heavy specific weights are removed by the resorting screen.
6.We match this rice destoner destoner with huller, grain separation machine ,rice mill machine and rice grader machine to build small rice processing plant .

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