about chemical compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer

about fertilizer granules no matter compound fertilizer or organic fertilizer,they are commonly used in our daily life,because they supply the growing power to the food we eat like wheat,rice,corn,and so on and fruits,but how much knowledge do we know about compound fertilizer and organic fetilizer? and which one is better for our soil?

  1. Chemical compound Fertilizers are soluble in water therefore fast release and because of which plants get only half from the advantages.
  2. With Chemical fertilizers plants grows shorter roots and relies upon fertilizers to sustain itself.
  3. Chemically maintained soils have higher acidity, which can be not excellent for grasses to develop.
  4. chemical will not imply that the chemical compound has been verified to become secure. Several utilized routinely are achievable carcinogens and could also result in nervous method harm.
  5. Higher nitrogen in chemical fertilizer might result in reduce self sufficiency from the soil.

Now we know clearly about the benefits and drawbacks of chemical fertilizers. But we nevertheless must know about the All-natural Fertilizers / Organic Fertilizer/bio fertilizer granules. Only right after that we’ll have the ability to determine which fertilizer we wish to pick for our plants. Lets very first appears in the cons of Organic Fertilizers:

  • All-natural Fertilizers requires bit longer to show the outcomes.
  • Chemical Totally free weed care do not totally eradicate weed

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