how does a peanut shelling machine work

The structure of peanut shelling machine:

Basically, the structure and principle of all kinds of peanut shellers are similar with hand-feeding, double drum for secondary shelling, wind primaries, gravity separation sieve for selecting, secondary threshing of peanut fruit and automatic feeding. 6HB-40B peanut sheller is mainly composed of motor, frame, feeding hopper, threshing cylinder, fan, gravity separation sieve and secondary elevator, etc. The structure is simple and compact.

how does a peanut shelling machine work

After starting, the shells of peanuts are shelled by the rolling force between the rotating rasp bar and the fixed intaglio, and then shells and kernels fall through the grid mesh down to the air duct, and the fan blows shells out. The kernels and the unshelled small peanuts fall into the gravity separator. The separated kernels are sent upward to the outlet and the separated unshelled small peanuts are sent downwards to the elevator, and the elevator sends the unshelled peanut to the fine grid mesh to be shelled again until the whole batch of peanuts are all shelled.

The peanuts are sent into the feeding hopper by manual and roll to the drum first. Under the force of rotation of the pattern card and the concave plate of the grid, peanut shells and kernels would be separated. After shelling, peanuts shells and kernels fall through the grid. In the air duct, most of the peanut shells would be blowing out of the machine.

While peanut kernels and a small part of the broken shells drop on the gravity separating sieve and move to the two sides respectively in vibrating screen. Peanut kernels would be discharged from the discharge port, while broken shells would be blowing out from the other end by the plate fan. At the same time, unshelled peanuts will be sent into the second conveying device, through the conveying hopper to the feeding port for the second shelling.

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