how much knowledge do you know about fertilizers

There are a lot of kinds of fertilizer in the market and the competition in fertilizer market is very big. To arouse people’s purchasing desire, some companies rack their minds to bring about some misleading slogans such as full nutritional fertilizer, increasing production by one shot fertilizing,etc.

Actually, no matter what kind of fertilizers are helpful to crop but not effect magic effects like what they are boasted.fertilizers are classified by ingredients or characters, which includes organic fertilizer,compound fertilizer and biofertilizer. compound fertilizer is also called as inorganic fertilizer like nitrogenous fertilizer,phosphatic fertilizer,potash fertilizer and bb fertilizer; Organic fertilizer is called as farmyard manure such as animal manure,green manure,cake fertilizer,barnyard manure and compost windrow,organic grass meal,sludge,city waste and so on ; Biofertilizer is used to improve plants growing condition and can not be supplied directly.

because of requiring for a certain element, fertilizer can be used in large amount,medium amount and micro amount. The large amount fertilizer is like nitrogenous fertilizer,phosphatic fertilizer,potash fertilizer; the medium amount need fertilizer is like calcium fertilizer,magnesium fertilizer and sulfur fertilizer; the micro amount need fertilizer is the fertilizer with ingredients like iron, manganese,boron,zinc,copper, molybdenum and so on.

Organic Fertilizer Granules

We can classify fertilizer into basic fertilizer,additional fertilizer,seed manure and foliar-fertilizer.BB fertilizer is a kind of mixing fertilizer which contains at least two kinds of fertilizers among nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium. which is developed in these recent two years,it is widely applied to formula fertilizer also belongs to bb fertilizer and it is specially formulated through nutrition and crop growing law which is very effective. The formula fertilizer is cost-effective and high-effect in crop, thus can increase profit.

We offer customized fertilizer production machines and solutions like disk granulator, rotary drum granulator,rotary drier, and so on, Want to know more about fertilizer granulation machine in fertilizer industry? welcome to call us.

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