to buy organic fertilizer granules or compound fertilizer

chemical compound fertilizer has long history than organic fertilizer,then when we buy fertilizer we may be confused with organic fertilizer and chemical compound fertilizer. Which kind of fertilizer to choose? which kind of fertilizer is best? So let’s learn something about them.

The Benefit of between Organic Fertilizer and Chemical Fertilizer

1. Organic fertilizer contains rich organic matters and various nutrient elements. The decomposed organic fertilizer provides energy and nutriment for microorganism, promoting their activity and expediting organic decomposition. Chemical compound fertilizer is now still the important agricultural production in many countries. However, the single nutrient in it is not good for the overall effect of soil

2.Organic fertilizer can improve the structure of soil. It can strengthen the ability of water retention and fertilizer retention. but, compound fertilizer may destroy the soil structure, so in nowadays, many country encourage their farmers to use organic fertilizer instead of compound fertilizer

3.The investment of organic fertilizer is much too lower than chemical compound fertilizer. now there are many kinds of organic waste like animal manure, city waste,restaraunt waste,food waste, they are all very good organic matters, we can recyle them in efficient to turn them into organic fertilizers.epecially there are many small farm who produces a lot of waste organic manure, we can use them and turn them into organic fertilizer by our own organic fertilizer pellet mill to save our cost for buying fertilizers.

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