increase rice processing machine production efficiency method

There is the analysis on the production efficiency of rice processing machine development,We need to fully understand the important role of rice processing machine development, formulate scientific development strategy to improve the production efficiency of rice processing machine.The normal operation of rice processing machine can not only improve the production efficiency but also can increase the service life of rice processing machine, but also allow the operator to minimize the incidence of accidents during the operation.

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1.Check the upper and lower mold coincidence and ruggedness, check whether the positioning device meets the requirements. Rice processing machine after the start of air running about 2 minutes, if found to have abnormal sound or failure should immediately stop, will be troubleshooting, until the rice processing machine after all normal to start work.

2. When the rice is reintroduced, the power must be switched off and stopped. When the rice processing plant is working, the rear of the machine is not allowed to stand. Rice processing machine running is not normal, should stop correction. It is strictly prohibited to use the hand to correct the rice processing machine, in order to avoid injury to the hand.

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3.Strictly abide by the rice processing machine safe operation procedures, according to the provisions of the operation to wear labor protective equipment. Before starting to carefully check the motor, switches, lines and grounding is normal, solid state, check the mechanical control of the various parts, buttons, etc. are in the correct location.

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Comprehensive understanding and in-depth study of the important role of RICE PROCESSING MACHINE DEVELOPMENT and its impact, and formulate scientific development countermeasures. rice processing machine for the initiative to do a good job of grain macro-control, to maintain the balance of rice supply and demand, and promote the healthy development of China’s economy has a very important significance

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